Why outdoor advertising has an irreplaceable advantage
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Why outdoor advertising has an irreplaceable advantage

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Outdoor advertising has an irreplaceable advantage in the release of corporate advertising.

There is a set of data related to outdoor media: 1/3 of consumers tend to watch outdoor advertising, and almost 20% of outdoor advertising. Whether it's walking or bus, from Monday to weekend, people spend more than 100 minutes a day on the road. Among them, the driver spends the most time, 144 minutes, while the weekend spends 166 minutes on the road.

It can be seen that the development of outdoor media still has considerable potential and advantages. It can be said that the advertisement of the outdoor media influences the consumers subtly in the passive or active repeated contact of the audience.

It is obvious that outdoor advertising can bring actual “interests” to the brand. The annual advertising revenue of 100 billion yuan flows to the outdoor advertising industry, which also proves the importance of outdoor advertising.

There are two points for companies to put outdoor advertising: pre-brand promotion and brand maintenance.

First, the brand's pre-promotion

In the process of brand pre-promotion, outdoor advertising will let consumers recognize, recognize and recognize the brand in various ways.

From the characteristics of outdoor advertising itself, on the one hand, outdoor advertising is a form of media rooted in the real life space of consumers. According to statistics, the arrival rate of outdoor advertising in China is as high as 80%. Especially with the prevalence of the concept of “outdoor living media”, outdoor advertising has seen a large increase in both quantity and variety. Now people will be exposed to various types of outdoor advertising as soon as they go out: elevator advertisements, bus advertisements, subway advertisements, airport advertisements, cruise center advertisements, etc.

On the other hand, the spread of outdoor advertising is direct. Different from the indirectness of TV commercials and Internet advertisements (advertising information needs to use certain tools: TV, computer or mobile phone), consumers can directly receive advertising information without using other tools, which greatly improves the exposure of advertising information. And arrival rate.

Outdoor advertising has many other advantages, but it can be determined that the outdoor advertising is irreplaceable in the brand promotion process only from the fact that it is based on real space and directly transmits information.

Second, the brand's later maintenance

The role of outdoor advertising is not only the pre-brand promotion, it also has a bigger role in the brand's later maintenance, which is very important.

Why do household names such as Coca-Cola, Master Kong, and Procter & Gamble spend a lot of money on advertising each year? The fundamental reason is to maintain brand activity and scale of competition.

How important is brand activity? It is related to the brand's “life and death”. Consumers are forgetful and fickle, and brands must be constantly active in the eyes of consumers to ensure the scale of competition.


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